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Download Alonia

Alonia PC

Push Run button in the windows that appear. The installation process will start up.

For some browsers the first window will ask you to save the alonia-setup.exe file. Please save the file and then run it.

alonia-setup-ro.exe program needs your confirmation to check if all Alonia dependences exist and are properly installed. If not, it will download and install them.

For further details please consult Why should I have the Microsoft .Net Framework installed to run Alonia? from FAQ.

Alonia application installation process starts up with the uploading of a wizard that will enable the user to control the entire installation. Click Next to move on. First of all, read all instructions on each screen.

After installation, you will see Alonia icon on your desktop with which Alonia can be started up. Alonia can also be launched from Start menu » All Programs » Alonia For details regarding the use of Alonia, one can see Alonia - User guide

Alonia users community on our web page is also very important, therefore we invite you on the Forum.

Look for new friends in the city where you live. Exchange impressions and information with people from your city. Also help Alonians passing by. What to see, where to shop, where to eat... help them with a good piece of advice and maybe you'll find new friends! Just try it Attention! The most active Alonia users in the forum will receive free of charge credit in Alonia.

Alonia Android

Requirements to use Alonia mobile application:

  • You must create an account on, if you do not have one already created
  • Charge this account with minimum 5 EUR, so it can be used to call or send messages

Alonia Android App

Authentication and dial

  • Download the application on Google Play (Application name: Alonia)
  • Install application
  • Select the settings that suit you - if you wish to be always available (will drain the battery faster), if you want to use mobile data (3G), if you want to integrate with the Android interface call.
  • Click "Add Account" and enter your username and password to login and on The phone number and available credit will be automatically updated once you enter a user name and password correctly and hit "Save".
  • Once you have completed your details, theaccount will appear as "Active" in the application interface and in the status bar of the phone. You can add multiple Alonia and you can use them simultaneously in the application.
  • You can make calls by selecting a phone number from the contact list (if you use the application on a tablet) or typing the desired phone number (no need to put the prefix, it automatically completes).

Cal log

  • In the call log you have a history of dialed numbers, received and missed calls as well the time and duration.
  • You can delete one or more entries or you can redial the number desired by the icon next to the number.


  • You can send messages via Alonia application. Because any message you send will start with your telephone number, the first message will have only 147 characters available and the following will be 160.
  • The list of characters that you can send via messages is available at The application warns you if there are unsupported characters, but you can send the message anyway (characters in question will not be able to be viewed correctly)
  • Some characters will be counted twice: ^ { } \ [ ~ ] | €

Application settings

  • You can change the initial settings chosen, immediately after installation
  • You can change the network connection settings (you can enable 3G or Wi-Fi)
  • If you installed the G729 codec for calls on 3G (on Google Play you can find under the "G729 codec forCSipSimple fire"), you can activate it from Media menu -> Codecs and then check the G729 codec
  • You can set the ringtone for Alonia calls or you can choose to record Alonia conversations (they will be automatically saved in the device memory, in the folder "Alonia" -> "records")
  • Any change of setting will cause the re-registration of Alonia account to confirm changes
  • You can deactivate your Alonia account to conserve battery, by pressing the icon next to the username
Download Alonia App Android source code.