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In order to call from Alonia and be called directly in Alonia you must be logged in Alonia application. Alonia offers 2 types of calls: » PC to PC (Alonia to Alonia) call - free of charge, facilitating audio communication between 2 users of Alonia application. In order to perform this type of communication, the Alonia contact shall be selected from the contact list, then click the telephone button from the menu (Please go to User's Guide, Telephone section for further details) » PC to Telephone call - to call from PC to telephone, you must buy credit from Credit section. You will be automatically assigned a Romanian telephone number. You will use this telephone to call and be called into and all telephone networks from all over the world. Calls to telephone networks will be charged according to PC to Phone tariffs and can be performed from telephone section of Alonia application. Here you can dial numbers always taking care that these numbers should contain the country code (example: 40318200100 for RO or 19072725451 for US). (see User's Guide, Telephone section for further details)
When you buy credit to call telephone networks you will receive a telephone number free of charge. In order to buy credit you have to access Credit from Alonia website. This section details the credit purchasing method paying either on-line, or by SMS from Orange Romania mobile network.
Alonia is a specially built application to facilitate Romanians' communication everywhere. That is why the prices to telephone networks in Romania are unbeatable. That does not mean that we have neglected the prices of calls to other countries, that are also very good. For the complete price list, access Description » Tariffs
PC to PC calls are free of charge, that's why it's not necessary to buy credit.
The installation process consists of 2 parts. The first part is a bootstrapper (alonia-setup-ro.exe) program that needs confirmation to check if all Alonia application files exist and are properly installed. If they are not, it will download and install them. Once the first part is finalized, it shall follow the confirmation for the second part which is the installation itself of Alonia application (alonia-setup-ro.msi). Still, depending on the security settings of the browser used, some users must additionally confirm that the application that they want to run does not harm the computer safety or certain antivirus programs require additional confirmation to take decisions whether to classify the application under certain policy (trusted, suspected, etc). These additional confirmations depend only on the computer Alonia application is installed on, being treated separately. Please contact the Support service if you have any problems regarding application installation or operation.
Microsoft .NET Framework is a software component, part of Windows operating system. It is a set of libraries and pre-coded solutions for the most common programming issues and represents a Microsoft windows application development solution. Alonia application is developed using this Framework and consequently it needs these libraries as files to run. Microsoft .NET Framework is used by vary many Windows applications and it is totally compatible with Windows operating system.
The first step is the registration to Alonia website clicking Account log in (right up) using the account name and password. You will find Personal Details in the main menu. Access this section and you may edit your personal data.
File exchange may be performed between Alonia users using "Send files" button.The file exchange between an Alonia user and another type of user: Yahoo, MSN, AIM or Google Talk is not possible.
Audio/video calls are possible only between Alonia users.
The website will always have the latest version of Alonia, with the newest facilities. The use of Alonia older versions is not supported, that's why you will receive a notification when you access the application, and you don't have the latest version of Alonia. Alonia version updating is performed from Help » About us, where you can see the current version used and the latest version and by pushing Update button you may install and use the latest version.
By clicking the "Add Contact" button, it will open the window to introduce the details of the new contact. If the new contact has several messenger accounts (i.e. Alonia, Yahoo, Msn, etc), they can be put in and you will have the opportunity to communicate on any of these accounts directly from Alonia application.
Prior conversations can be viewed in the History section of Alonia application. Here you can choose the contact that you want to see as well as the period of time when these conversations where carried on. Clicking Details you can perform operations such as search, select and delete existing conversations.
Any user can receive messages when he/she is not logged in Alonia. These messages are stored on Alonia server and first time the user will access the application, an offline messages window will pop up where one can see all messages received while he/she was not connected to the computer.
Alonia is removed as any common Windows software from Control Panel » Add or Remove Programs » select Alonia and click Remove. After confirmation, Alonia software will be totally removed and may no longer be used.
"Voice Over Internet Protocol" technology, VoIP shortly, allows phone calling over internet support.
One of VoIP main benefits is cost reduction as compared to classical telephones. Since this technology shares the Internet network and does not use the classical switching technology, as traditional calls do, the call cost is much lower. The person initiating the call (origin) can be anywhere on Earth and can call anywhere worldwide. The call is made by a computer connected to the Internet or by some VoIP hardware devices or even from your mobile phone.
Yes. VoIP enables the user to surf the internet during phone calls, but the internet connection will be shared between the telephone and these applications.
It's a Windows problem similarly with and is related to user's rights. The error can be corrected using regedit tool Click on Start -> Run, type regedit, right click HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, choose Permissions, ADD Your user name and Administrators GROUP. Then give them both full access. (EVERYONE not enough!). Save and Restart Windows and the installation should work now.
You can see more details in this section Setari telefonie SIP